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Home Care Tips for Senior Bike Safety

Biking is a great exercise for seniors, but it's important to take extra safety precautions. Home care providers can be sure they ride safe.
Bike Safety: Home Care Southbury CT
Bike Safety: Home Care Southbury CT

May is National Bike Month and now is the time for seniors to start getting their bikes ready for the warmer weather. Biking is a good exercise for most seniors because it’s low impact but it’s a great full body workout. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! But it’s extra important that seniors take some additional precautions to make sure that they are biking safely to prevent falls and accidents. Their home care provider can ensure that they are covering any safety concerns.


All seniors who ride bikes should have a headlight on their bike. A headlight comes standard on many new bikes, but a bike repair technician should be able to install a headlight on an older bike. Seniors who have home care may want to have a home care provider take their bike to a bike shop and get a headlight installed for them. Headlights will make seniors easy to see when they are biking and it will help seniors see the path in front of them more clearly when they are riding in low light.

Easy Pull Brake

Seniors who have poor grip strength or have trouble using their fingers should have their handbrake replaced with an easy touch or easy pull brake. When seniors need to slow down it can be a safety hazard to have a brake that is difficult for them to pull. Putting on an easy to use brake that seniors can use with just a touch will make it easier for seniors to keep biking as they get older.

Because biking is great exercise for seniors, it just makes sense to make a small modification that will help them keep riding longer.

Safety Pedals

Seniors may lose their balance and fall of their bikes, or crash them in an accident. If or when that happens if seniors get their feet caught in the pedals it can cause them to become seriously injured or even trapped under the bike. If the bike is hit by a car it’s very important for seniors to be able to get clear of the bike so that they don’t get dragged.

Safety pedals have quick release sides and bottoms so that if enough pressure is put on them they will give way and free your senior parent’s feet. It’s very easy to swap safety pedals for existing pedals if your senior parent’s bike doesn’t have safety pedals already.


Reflectors are an inexpensive and effective way to make seniors more visible when they’re riding bikes. For just a few dollars seniors can use reflectors on every part of the bike so that when light hits the bike the reflectors will make it impossible not to see it. If your senior parent likes to ride their bike after dinner or at night or early in the morning reflectors lower the risk that they will get hit by a car or have an accident.

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