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Using Companion Care at Home to Reduce Caregiver Burnout

Caregiver burnout is a very real problem, but it’s preventable by helping seniors get the assistance they need through other services, including companion care at home.
Companion Care at Home in Newtown NY

For most family caregivers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing too much on what other people need. This can very quickly lead to burnout, even in the early stages of caregiving. What helps is for family caregivers to look at ways to start using tools and services that can help them take time away and reduce the burnout they might experience. Companion care at home is one such service that families can use at any stage of the caregiving journey to help family caregivers get a break.

Offering Emotional Support and Social Engagement

Family caregivers tend to be the main source of social engagement and emotional support for aging adults, especially as seniors start to spend more time at home alone. But that can be difficult for both seniors and family caregivers. Companion care at home offers companionship and social interactions for seniors outside of the relationships that they have with family caregivers. It adds to the social experience rather than taking away.

Respite for Family Caregivers

When companion caregivers are there with seniors, it can be far easier for family caregivers to take time away. That’s often because even if seniors don’t need hands-on help, family caregivers feel more relief knowing that seniors aren’t alone. They’re better able to focus on something besides caregiving for a little while, helping them to avoid burning out too soon.

Peace of Mind for Families

This type of solution offers peace of mind for the entire family, too. That’s because they know that both family caregivers and aging adults are getting what they need from the help that companion caregivers offer. They may not be able to take over themselves, but it can help to know that there is someone who can.

Integrating Companion Care at Home

Incorporating companion care at home is sometimes an awkward thing to consider at first. That’s usually because it’s easy to confuse companion care with elder care services. Home care offers hands-on help with tasks like light housekeeping, mobility assistance, meal preparation and so much more. That might not be what seniors need help with at first, but companionship is always helpful.

Creating a Schedule

Starting out with a simple schedule is a great way to begin. This allows seniors to maintain control over how often they have companion caregivers spending time with them. They can also make decisions about what types of activities they engage in together during those visits. Having a schedule means that companion care is worked into the routine, which makes it easier to accept.

Monitor and Adjust

Over time it becomes easier for everyone involved to see what’s working and what isn’t. Each senior and their needs are dramatically different, so there’s no one set up for companion caregiving that works for everyone. Seniors and family caregivers can work together to take a look at what’s helping and what they enjoy and make changes where necessary.

Companion care at home is incredibly flexible and adjusts easily to meet the needs of the seniors involved. Relying on this type of help early on in the caregiving journey helps family caregivers adjust to taking time away and giving themselves a break before they get to the stage of burning out.

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