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How to Help Your Senior Manage a Loss

Your loved one may need senior home care to help them through this grieving period.
Senior Home Care in Danbury NY

Losing a partner, spouse, or even family member can be really hard for a senior especially when they are aging in place and mostly on their own. Your senior mom or dad may need extra support during this time and that can be hard to do especially if you as the adult child are experiencing the same loss. It can be easier to help and support a senior when only they are grieving. Luckily, there are tips to help manage loss for you and your loved one and support groups to ensure your senior is staying mentally healthy. Even the loss of a pet can be truly devastating for a senior and they will need support.

Get More Support

One of the most important things you can help your elderly loved one is, is to ensure they have the right support. You may not be able to provide this support and that is when a professional is going to come in handy. Your loved one may need senior home care to help them through this period and that is okay. As seniors battle loss they may become stressed, anxious, and depressed. Your senior should be allowed time to grieve but that does not mean that everything can be put on the backburner. Instead senior home care can help ensure a senior is allowed to grieve but still meet their own needs. This means your senior loved one will be eating, bathing, and sticking to a general routine so their health is still a main focus while they are in this grieving process. You may not be able to provide all of these things as an adult child which is why it can be important to find the right senior home care to help them. Having senior home care will also allow you to grieve as an adult child and may help you and your mom or dad bond during this time.

Attend Support Groups

Most seniors don’t think support groups will help but to find other seniors dealing with the same type of loss, it can be helpful knowing you’re not alone. Finding a support group, and sharing stories, can be one of the best ways to heal and put a senior’s mental health first. If your senior does not have transportation this is another task that senior home care can truly help with. Your loved one does not need to be socially isolated during this time, they can still go out and attend meetings and meet others with the help of family members or senior home care.

Turn to Other Family Members

Even though you are all family, it doesn’t mean everyone will be dealing with the same loss. If both you and your loved one’s are grieving this is the time to reach out to other family members for help. This is a chance for others to step in when you can’t and show support during a difficult time. If your loved one has cousins, siblings, or even other adult children, it’s time to reach out for more support.

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