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Companion Care at Home Helps Increase Your Dad’s Happiness

Loneliness can impact your dad's happiness, as well as his physical and mental health. Here are some ways companion care at home can help!
Senior Happiness: Companion Care at Home New Milford CT
Senior Happiness: Companion Care at Home New Milford CT

One study asked older adults if they were satisfied with their lives so far. While many said they were, around 18% said no. That’s about one out of every five older adults who aren’t happy. Is your dad? Often unhappiness is tied to emotional strain, health, and loneliness. Loneliness can play an important factor in mental and emotional health. It can also impact your dad’s physical health, too. With the help of companion care at home, you both can address what your dad needs to be happier.

Regular Visits

If your dad goes all week without anyone visiting him, he’s going to start to feel lonely and isolated. When he has companion care at home stopping by each week or every few days, it can help him not feel that loneliness so often. When he has a caregiver stopping by for companionship, you can add services like laundry and housekeeping. Not only will he have company, but he has someone helping him keep his home clean and organized.

Daily Exercise

Mood is impacted by activity. If your dad gets outside for a walk in the sun, it helps boost the hormones that make you happy. Exercise is important for feeling happier and easing feelings of depression, anxiety, and sadness. If your dad doesn’t feel safe walking on his own, make sure he knows he won’t have to. He can have a caregiver with him on his daily walk. He may find that the comfort of having someone else there is all he needs to walk farther and explore more of his community.

Engage in Hobbies

Hobbies also help improve your dad’s mental and emotional health. Find things he enjoys, such as photography, birdwatching, or jigsaw puzzles. Companion care at home can help him find hobbies he enjoys and ensure he has the support he needs to engage in his favorite activities each day.

A Healthy Diet

Did you realize that the foods you eat can also impact your mood? If your dad is eating a lot of sugary, processed foods, it can drag him down. The carb rush may make him happy for a short period, but he’s going to crash and that may impact his mood. It’s best to eat a healthy diet that maintains blood sugar levels for an extended period instead of peaks and crashes. B vitamins also help with mood. Whole grains, fresh produce, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy are important. Instead of three main meals, he could have a smaller plate every couple of hours.

When your dad doesn’t cook and doesn’t regularly get visitors, he may not be as happy as he could be. Companion care at home aides can help with this. Caregivers can cook for him, clean his home, and provide the friendship he needs. With companion care at home, he’ll have a caregiver available to accompany him on walks and shopping trips. He’ll have a caregiver to watch movies with or play a game with. He won’t feel alone anymore.

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