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How to Stick With a Habit as a Senior

Your loved one can easily thrive while aging in place, but they may need guidance and help from home care assistance to truly thrive.
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As a senior aging in place, it can be so easy to give up healthy habits and turn to old bad habits. If your loved one needs help creating a routine, this is when home care assistance can come in really handy. Your loved one can easily thrive while aging in place, but they may need guidance and help from home care assistance to truly thrive. It can be hard to stick with a routine and even harder to develop the right habits, but there are tips and tricks that can make it a lot easier for your loved one.

Get Specific

A goal or idea that is too generic can be hard to obtain. A senior may not understand the point of something general and it may not work for them. If they have a specific thing to focus on, it narrows down what they want to do, and makes it so much more achievable. Home care assistance can help your loved one pick out goals and habits that are smaller, specific, and attainable. Caregivers will naturally observe your senior, see how they live, and help make recommendations that may better their lives. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, your senior loved one will have full control over what is happening in their lives and home.

Find the Right Support

Even if a senior is aging in place, they need a support system. These people can be caregivers, friends, family, or anyone else. When these people around them support healthy habits, they are way more likely to stick. However, the opposite is true as well. If your loved one has a support system that has bad habits, your senior loved one is less likely to change their ways and will continue going back to their bad habits. The best thing your loved one can do is get everyone in their lives on the same page. This is crucial when trying to age in place and stay healthy for as long as possible.

Keep Track of the Good

The more a senior celebrates the small wins of being healthy the more likely they are to continue the habit. When they see the change it’s bringing to their lives, it not only boosts the quality of which they live, but it will also help them maintain a routine that allows them to flourish. It’s easy to focus on the bad things but it is crucial to focus on the healthy habits that are keeping them alive longer. Home care assistance can help a senior focus on healthy habits and how to celebrate each milestone.

Habit Stacking for Seniors

Most seniors will already have habits and routines and won’t want to change too much. This is where habit stacking comes in handy! Instead of trying to build new habits, a senior can focus on maintaining the ones they have and building on them. This is a fun way to keep things challenging but also rewarding. It helps them take the foundation they have and build it into the direction they want to go. This may be easier with the help of home care assistance.

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