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How Personal Care at Home Can Help With Bath Time

Finding personal care at home whom your senior trusts will be essential and these professionals can help your loved one when it comes to bath time.
Personal Care at Home in Bethel CT

If your senior loved one is choosing to age in place they may struggle with basic things that you would never think about but go on the backburner for them. Your loved one may stop doing certain things that are actually really important for overall health and quality of life. For example, your loved one may stop showering which can lead to smells, infections, or skin conditions. Before you go straight to judging them you need to understand why they may have stopped showering and when you understand this, it will help you find a solution. Often, finding personal care at home is one of the best options for your elderly loved one. Finding personal care at home whom your senior trusts will be essential and these professionals can help your loved one when it comes to bath time. Here are all of the ways in which they can help.

They Will Lay Out Products

One of the easiest things personal care at home can do to make your loved one’s showers easier is laying out the products. A senior may not bathe every single day but when they do, personal care at home can prepare the shower beforehand. This means opening up products, getting towels ready, and putting down the non-slip mats. All of these small steps will help protect your loved one but also allow them to be more independent. A senior may not want to ask their adult children for these tasks and it can be easier when a professional helps them with these small things with no judgment.

They Can Guide Your Senior Through a Routine

It sounds silly but your loved one may not be remembering what to do when they get into the shower. This prevents them from feeling comfortable enough to take a shower which means they avoid the situation altogether. Personal care at home can help get them into the tub and walk them through a routine that will ensure a senior is cleaning every part of their body which is so crucial for seniors. This can be an embarrassing task but with a professional, it can feel easier and more comforting than relying on a family member for this type of help. Keep in mind that seniors need different levels of care. Your loved one may need help with the entire routine and others may just need someone to walk them through the tasks so they can remember. Personal care at home will always evaluate a senior to find out exactly what they need before stepping in to make any changes.

They Can Help With Entry and Exit

Your loved one may just need help getting in and out of the bathtub especially if there is a high ledge. Your senior may just be scared to enter and exit alone and this could be too much of a challenge for them. It is hard to ask adult children for help and can be easier when a professional takes charge. Once a senior exits the tub, personal care at home can leave the room or help them with any aftercare while they are there.

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