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Elder Care Seasonal Allergy Tips for Seniors

Elder care providers can help out with a lot of household chores that will minimize your senior's exposure to seasonal allergies.
Senior Allergies: Elder Care Brookfield CT
Senior Allergies: Elder Care Brookfield CT

Spring is coming fast, and seasonal allergies are in full swing. Seniors can be very affected by seasonal allergies, but they may not be able to take medication for those allergies if they are taking other medications for medical conditions. That doesn’t mean that seniors have to suffer through allergy season. Here are some things that seniors can do to help manage the symptoms of seasonal allergies and reduce the coughing, sneezing, congestion, and red irritated eyes.

Get An Air Purifier

After a winter of having the house shut up tight, the indoor air quality can be very poor. Opening the windows all the time may not be an option because of the pollen and allergens outdoors.

Seniors should have at least one air purifier running in the room where they spend the most time. It’s best to have two and make sure that one in the bedroom is always on. If seniors only have one it should be moved into the bedroom at night and then moved into the living room during the day.

Make Sure The Carpets Are Vacuumed Often

Seniors that have wall to wall carpets need to have those carpets vacuumed frequently. Elder care can help with that. An elder care provider can help seniors with household tasks including household cleaning chores. Vacuuming the carpets will help get rid of dust and allergens that get trapped in the carpet from shoes, open windows, pets, and people walking into the house from outdoors. It’s a good idea to invest in a vacuum with a HEPA air filter on it to help get rid of as many allergens as possible.

Don’t Dry Laundry Outdoors

Even though drying laundry outdoors is the best way to get laundry like sheets and towels smelling fresh when laundry is hanging on the line it also collects pollen and other allergens. When seniors try to sleep on sheets and blankets filled with allergens it can make their allergies worse. All clothes and linens should be dried in the dryer or on a drying rack in the house to make sure they stay as allergen free as possible. If seniors have elder care, the elder care provider that is helping with the laundry can use essential oils or other safe scented products to make the linens smell inviting.

Clean All Blinds And Curtains

Blinds and curtains are terrible dust collectors. Even though they are necessary they get dusty and dirty very quickly. If your senior parent has elder care, make sure that the elder care provider is cleaning those blinds and washing those curtains at least once a week to get rid of all the dust and allergens that are collecting on them. That will improve the indoor air quality and help reduce the allergy symptoms that your senior parent is suffering from. You may want to change out the blinds for bamboo shades which won’t get as dusty.

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