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Simplify Meals Using Grain Bowls

Personal Care at Home in Brookfield CT: Grain Bowls
Personal Care at Home in Brookfield CT: Grain Bowls

Personal Care at Home: Think about everything you do for your mom and dad.

You stop by before work to make sure someone is in the house when they shower. You cook breakfast and make sure they’ve taken their medications before you leave. When the workday is over, you stop by and cook dinner, clean up, and head home where you cook for your family, clean up, and help with homework. By the time you’re done, there’s no time to spend on personal interests. You need ways to reduce the amount of time you’re at your parents. Grain bowls provide the nutrients they need and take little time to prepare. A personal care at home services provider can be a big help with this.

What is a Grain Bowl?

Grain bowls are a quick and easy meal that starts with grain and adds vegetables, proteins, and sauces on top. It’s an all-in-one meal that allows for easy clean-up and can be prepared in minutes if you take time to prepare ingredients in advance.

For example, you might make a grain bowl with grilled shrimp, orange slices, red peppers, fresh spinach, basil leaves, and cooked lentils. Top that with a blood-orange vinaigrette. Another option would be steamed quinoa with feta cheese, olives, chickpeas, sauteed spinach, and a drizzle of garlic olive oil.

Weekly Prep Makes It Easy to Get Dinner on the Table

If you can stop by on weekends, take an hour to prepare everything needed for a grain bowl. Cook a bulk batch of grains your parents like. Brown rice, quinoa, barley, and farro are excellent options. Portion that into freezer bags and move to the freezer.

Steam or boil some shrimp and let them cool. Transfer the cooked shrimp to a container to keep in the refrigerator or freezer. Do the same with a chicken breast or salmon filet. Marinate tofu and grill it. Once you’ve cooked the proteins of interest, transfer them to freezer bags or containers.

When you stop by to cook breakfast, move things to the refrigerator to thaw. When you stop by for your evening check-in, the meal is ready to assemble, warm up, and serve. You don’t have a lot of dishes to wash either.

You can have the same meals ready to heat and eat in your home. It saves a lot of time after you leave your parents’ house, too.

It’s Okay to Hire Help for Your Parents

Do you find it hard to fit in time to help your mom and dad with work, family, and friends? It’s time to consider hiring personal care at home aides to help out. They’ll assist your parents with activities of daily living like housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation.

While you have personal care at home aides offering the services your parents need, you’re free to focus on your needs. Go out with friends, have a relaxed movie night with your kids, or catch up on sleep. Call a specialist in home care to learn more.


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