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5 Daily Chores Family Caregivers Can’t Overlook

Senior Home Care in New Milford CT: Aging In Place
Senior Home Care in New Milford CT: Aging In Place

Senior Home Care: Your parents want to age at home.

They love their independence, but you’re concerned about them being unable to keep up with the daily tasks that are essential to their well-being and safety. You and your senior home care provider can put their safety first by ensuring these five chores are taken care of every day.


Wiping Down Surfaces

Disease prevention starts by making sure germs are eliminated. After preparing a meal, you must wash any cutting boards and wipe down counters with an antibacterial product.

The kitchen isn’t the only place to wipe down surfaces to remove bacteria and viruses. Door knobs, phones, remotes, and light switches are all sites where germs collect.

Spray Pillows and Bedding

Go through with a disinfecting spray and spray pillows each morning. There are fabric sprays for use on pillows and sheets that kill germs.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the germiest rooms in the house. Raw meat juices can splatter and drip. By thoroughly wiping surfaces and using an antibacterial cleaner, you lower the risk of food poisoning.

While cleaning the kitchen, check for expired foods in the refrigerator. Leftovers shouldn’t be kept for more than four days if they contain meat. Check dairy products like milk and yogurt to make sure it’s still within the expiration date.

If you make your parents some meals that they don’t eat within four days, compost them. Even better, move them to the refrigerator before the fourth day arrives.

Clean the Sinks

Use a rag and antibacterial spray to wipe down kitchen and bathroom sinks and knobs daily. Spitting out toothpaste and mouthwash leads to bacterial growth, even if you rinse the sink.

Washing dishes does the same. Wiping them down at the end of the day helps kill bacteria that can lead to illness.

Wash Pet Dishes

Pet dishes need to be washed with soap and water every day. If your parents’ pets eat multiple times per day, wash them after each meal. After handling pet treats and dishes, make sure you wash your hands, as salmonella is often linked to pet treats and food.

Hire Senior Home Care Aides When You’re Short on Time

Are you short on time? Instead of spending your free time taking care of your parents’ household chores, hire elder care aides to help throughout the week. When you stop by, you’re free to take your parents out to a museum, the movies, or their favorite restaurant.

It’s important that you make the most of your time with your parents. Let elder care aides do the daily chores and spend quality time with them when you’re free. Call to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Home Care in New Milford, CT, please contact the caring staff at Elderly Caregivers, LLC  today. (203) 628-7438

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