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Can In-Home Care Help You Better Manage Your Dad’s Care?

In-Home Care in Danbury CT
In-Home Care in Danbury CT

In-Home Care: You’re the primary family caregiver for your dad, but his needs are changing.

He requires more care than you’ve been giving him, and you’re not sure you can handle the additional tasks. Can in-home care help you better manage your dad’s care?

They Share Expert Advice

Home care agencies can do a safety evaluation at your dad’s home. You may have made minor changes to heighten his safety as he ages, but you may not realize some of the things that can be detrimental. You’ve put in grab bars, but his bathroom is dark and shadowy. That’s just as dangerous as a slippery floor.

You’ll learn more about the aspects of daily living where your dad could use help to age comfortably and safely in his home. That’s one of the best ways to start building a list of his care needs and what you should be doing to help.

In-Home Care: You Gain a Partner in Care

There are some care needs where your dad may not want you to help him. He doesn’t like the idea of his son or daughter assisting him on the toilet or in a shower. With a professional caregiver helping out, it doesn’t feel quite as awkward for him.

One of the many perks of home care is that caregivers can help you drive your dad around town. You have an important meeting at your son’s school, but your dad has a dentist’s appointment. Rather than contemplate what you should cancel, have the caregiver drive your dad to his appointment.

Your dad’s meals need to follow a specific schedule to keep his blood sugar levels from dropping. When he needs his afternoon snack, you’re often in important online meetings. You can’t ignore your job, but he’s equally important. Caregivers step in and make sure he eats while you’re engaged in a work meeting.

When you hire in-home care aides, you get a partner in care. You can take on some daily tasks, but there’s a professional available for others.

In-Home Care: You Get Time Off for Self-Care

When was the last time you took a break? Many family caregivers balance their parent’s care with full-time or part-time jobs, families of their own, and social schedules. It gets overwhelming trying to stay on top of everything.

Arrange in-home care to ensure you have time for the breaks you need. Self-care is essential, so don’t put it off until you’re burned out. Call today to schedule the care services your dad needs.


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