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The Benefits of Exercise for those with Diabetes

Seniors with Diabetes benefit greatly from exercise. But what are the benefits? Home Care Assistance in Wilton, CT answers that question.
Home Care Assistance in Wilton
Home Care Assistance in Wilton

Diabetes is a disease marked by a person’s body having too high blood glucose (or blood sugar). While blood glucose is needed for the body to get the energy it needs, when someone’s body stops producing insulin (or it doesn’t recognize the insulin it produces), the blood sugar isn’t converted into energy and remains in the blood, creating high levels of blood glucose. These high levels can have many detrimental health effects, such as strokes, heart disease, nerve damage, and vision issues, just to name a few.

Changing what is eaten and measuring blood sugar levels can help your loved one manage his levels so they don’t get too escalated. A regular exercise routine can also help manage his diabetes, while also having many other great health benefits.

You should consult with your loved one’s physician about the best way to start a new exercise program, as well as choose one that your loved one will enjoy and keep doing. Having support from you and other family members, as well as his home care assistance team, can help your loved one keep his motivation even on the days he doesn’t want to participate.

Here are some health benefits your loved one may enjoy once he’s routinely exercising.

Increased circulation

Moving regularly helps your loved one’s body get all it needs to every area of his body. This can be especially helpful if your loved one struggles with nerve damage or issues with his extremities.

Better blood sugar levels

One of the main goals of exercise is to get those blood sugar levels back under control and prevent them from spiking and crashing throughout the day. Having healthy levels of blood sugar in his bloodstream can reduce his risks of many complications of diabetes.

Reduce blood pressure

Having high blood pressure and diabetes is double trouble for your loved one’s health. Exercise can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes, kidney problems, and heart attacks.

Lower Bad Cholesterol levels

Regular exercise helps reduce high cholesterol (especially LDL or bad cholesterol).

Weight management

If your loved one is overweight, a regular exercise routine can help him reduce his weight. Having a healthy weight helps with diabetes symptoms, but has so many health benefits. It can make starting other healthy choices even easier and lead to all-around better health.

Improve mental health

Finding routine exercise increases strength, endurance, and flexibility, which can help your loved one feel better. It gives him back the power to improve his situation.

Your loved one can exercise alone, with a friend, or with his home care assistance provider. He just needs to choose what works best for him and what he enjoys most. A routine exercise program should be something he looks forward to, so that it’ll be a lifelong passion.

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