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Helping Your Senior Get a Better Night of Sleep

24-Hour Home Care in New Milford CT

Your loved one may want to age in place but the truth is as they get older things become more challenging. They may need help from 24-hour home care to get ready for bed like showering, drying off, and changing into nighttime clothes, or they may need help in the middle of the night. You can still help your loved one even if they have 24-hour home care but the truth is these professional caregivers can truly help your loved one get a better night of sleep. Here are some tips your loved one should consider when thinking about being better rested.

Schedule Bedtimes

It may seem silly to schedule things like naps and bedtimes and even when to wake up, but the truth is it can be healthy for your loved one. Even if they forget to do things their bodies will be on a routine and follow their internal clock, meaning they get a healthy amount of sleep. Some people think seniors need less sleep but that is not true. A senior should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep and creating a routine to achieve that amount is going to be absolutely crucial as they age in place. Routines are an important part of being at home and aging well. Most seniors will thrive on a routine and it will help them feel calm and in control and most importantly healthier.

Avoid TV Before Bed

Most people love to sit down in the evening and unwind by watching their favorite show. Your loved one should, unfortunately, avoid watching TV right before bed. The lights can keep them awake and if it is a suspenseful show this might also keep their mind racing before bed. It’s important to develop a healthy routine and this is something that 24-hour home care can help your loved one with. Your elderly mom or dad can still watch their favorite TV shows but it needs to be earlier and a caregiver should help remind them to turn off the TV at a certain time.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is another way so many people love to unwind during the weekend and evening. It blocks sensors and receptors in the body and helps a person feel more numb and even giddy. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol late in the day can lead to frequent periods of being awake in the middle of the night. They may need to use the bathroom more, they may wake up thirsty feeling dehydrated, or they may not be able to sleep well after drinking. Alcohol should be limited and a senior should stop drinking earlier in the day.

Stop Drinking Earlier

Okay, you know you should stop drinking alcohol earlier in the day, but for seniors, they should avoid eating meals and drinking fluids late at night. This can make them get up multiple times in the night to go to the bathroom or make them uncomfortably full. 24-hour home care can help your loved one during the middle of the night but limiting the amount of times a senior gets up will help them get enough rest which is important.

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