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Senior Home Care: Steps to Take if Oral Care Is Challenging Your Mom

Senior Home Care in Redding CT: Oral Care
Senior Home Care in Redding CT: Oral Care

Senior Home Care: Did you know that 96% of U.S. adults over 64 have at least one cavity?

Gum disease is present in 68% of these older adults. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that 20% of adults over the age of 64 have lost all of their teeth, which impacts their eating habits. With any luck, your mom is taking care of her teeth, but it often becomes more challenging as you age. Arthritis makes it harder to hold the floss and a toothbrush properly. Chronic health conditions like diabetes also impact oral health. What can you do if your mom struggles with oral care? It’s time to look at the things she needs to do. Senior home care can be a big help with keeping oral care a priority for your senior.


Brush Twice a Day and Floss Regularly

Your mom should be brushing a minimum of twice a day and flossing at least once each day. Ideally, she should brush and floss after every meal.

If she has a hard time brushing, invest in an electric toothbrush. The handles are often wider and easier to grip, and she won’t have to do as much work moving the toothbrush around. A water flosser can help with flossing.


Avoid Sugary Foods

Foods high in added sugar aren’t good for the teeth, and they offer nothing in the way of helpful nutrients. If your mom loves cookies and brownies, come up with more nutritious variations. Instead of oatmeal raisin cookies high in sugar and fat, make them with mashed banana and almond flour in place of sugar and butter.


Check Out the Side Effects of Medications She Takes

Some medications cause dry mouth, which increases the risk for gum disease. If your mom is on medicines that do, talk to her doctor to see if there are other options. Otherwise, make sure she drinks water throughout the day to keep her mouth moistened.


Senior Home Care: Visit Her Dentist Regularly

Most dental insurance plans allow for two dental visits per year. If your mom has gum disease or tooth decay, she may be approved for more frequent visits. Schedule the appointments and make sure she keeps them. If she needs a ride to the dentist’s office, arrange to have someone available that day.

Ask about personal care and grooming services from a senior home care agency. Your mom doesn’t have to struggle with oral care. Her caregiver can help her brush and floss her teeth.

With senior home care aides, your mom has someone to schedule routine dental cleanings. Plus, her caregivers can ensure she has the supplies she needs to keep her teeth and gums healthy.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Home Care in Redding, CT, please contact the caring staff at Elderly Caregivers, LLC  today. (203) 628-7438


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