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Home Care Assistance: Alternative Solutions to Sleep Issues for the Elderly

Home Care Assistance in Bethel CT: Sleep Solutions
Home Care Assistance in Bethel CT: Sleep Solutions

Home Care Assistance: Sleep issues can be extremely frustrating.

Just think about the nights that you aren’t able to get good sleep. How do you feel the next morning? It is likely that you get stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable. You may even have some memory loss because of your lack of sleep. Now think about how it feels for your elderly loved one. How can home care assistance help you with this? They need their rest. If they don’t get it, they could experience a lot of other issues similar to or worse than what you experience.

A lot of senior citizens will take sleep medications to handle their sleep issues. However, many of those can have side effects that are worse than the sleep problem itself. The good news is there are some alternative solutions to sleep issues for the elderly. As a family caregiver, you can recommend your elderly loved one gives the following a try.


Limiting Caffeine

Does your senior drink a lot of caffeine? Are they usually drinking caffeine later in the day? If this is the case, it could be the cause of their sleep issues. When people drink caffeine in the afternoon or later in the evening, it can make it difficult for them to fall asleep.

It is important to encourage your elderly loved one not to drink caffeine in the second half of the day. It would be best if they limit the amount of caffeine they have earlier in the day, as well. If they need someone around to remind them of this, but you can’t be there, you can get home care assistance for them. The elderly care providers can give reminders not to consume caffeine later in the day.


No Electronics in the Bedroom

Does your elderly loved one have a television in their bedroom? Do they use a tablet, computer, or smartphone in their bedroom? If they are using electronics in the bedroom, especially at nighttime, their body may not be able to relax.

If your elderly loved one is having issues falling or staying asleep, encourage them to keep all electronics out of their bedroom. If they agree to this, you or a home care provider can take their television into another room.


Set Up Sleeping Habits

Your elderly loved one needs to have sleeping habits if they don’t already have them. People who don’t have a sleep routine or sleep schedule often have trouble staying asleep throughout the night.

You or a senior care provider can work with your elderly loved one to develop sleep routines and habits. This might include setting times to go to bed and wake up, listening to calming music, or using an essential oil diffuser. The sleep habits and routines should include things that relax your elderly loved one.


Home Care Assistance: Conclusion

Is your elderly loved one having issues falling or staying asleep? If so, you should get them home care assistance. You and the elder care providers can encourage your elderly loved one to follow the tips above. Hopefully, these tips help them to sleep better.


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