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4 Personal Care at Home Dont’s When Your Senior Has Incontinence

Incontinence is something that many seniors have and as their caregiver, there are best practices and behaviors to help them address it.
Incontinence: Personal Care Home Danbury CT
Incontinence: Personal Care Home Danbury CT

Incontinence is something that many seniors deal with. It’s very common and it’s not something that seniors should be embarrassed about or feel awkward about, but inevitably they do. Seniors often will try to avoid telling family members that they are struggling with incontinence, but it’s usually obvious. Seniors who suddenly develop poor hygiene or have urine odor attached to them may find that hygiene care is becoming too difficult for them. When that happens, personal care at home can help seniors with activities like showering and using the bathroom.

Don’t Shame Them

Seniors who have incontinence already often feel shame about their condition. It’s very important that you don’t shame them for being unable to control their bladder or bowels. Incontinence is a medical condition and it’s very common. Don’t laugh at them, make jokes about it, or in any way embarrass or shame your senior parent about their incontinence. You can support them instead by arranging for personal care at home. With personal care at home, seniors will have a professional and discreet care provider who can help them stay clean and dry.

Don’t Call Attention To Their Incontinence

Don’t ask your senior parent if they need to use the bathroom in public or in any way refer to their incontinence. It’s a sensitive topic for them and no one wants to have their sensitive medical conditions called out. Even if you’re just at home with them, don’t call attention to their condition by asking repeatedly if they have had an accident or need a new brief or need to use the bathroom. You may think you’re being helpful but it can cause your senior parent a lot of shame and distress.

Don’t Refuse To Give Them Water Or Drinks

Seniors often struggle to stay hydrated, so refusing to give your senior loved one water or drinks could create acute health problems for them. If they are drinking water and juice throughout the day, you can stop giving them drinks at a certain point in the evening if they don’t want to run the risk of having an incident at night while they are sleeping. But never withhold water or drinks as a punishment or in an attempt to manage their incontinence.

Don’t Be Impatient

Even though it can be frustrating when a senior parent has incontinence, it’s important that you try to stay patient with them. Patience and kindness will go a long way towards reassuring your senior parent and letting them know that they have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. They are much more likely to come to you and want to ask for your help if you are patient and kind when you are talking to them about incontinence.

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