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How Seniors Can Increase Their Circulation Around the Clock

Good circulation is essential. Seniors who don't exercise are at risk. Try these tips from 24-Hour Home Care in Bethel, CT.
24-Hour Home Care in Bethel
24-Hour Home Care in Bethel

Keeping veins healthy and strong, and improving circulation, is something seniors have to be concerned about. Good circulation is essential for good health. Seniors who don’t exercise are at risk of blood clots and strokes from poor circulation. 24 hour home care can provide peace of mind for seniors worried about having a stroke, especially at night.

Certain health conditions, like diabetes, can also impact circulation. But there are things seniors can do to improve their circulation, no matter what their current state of health is. Some of the best things seniors can do to get their blood pumping and improve their circulation are:

Get Up And Move Frequently

Seniors should move around for at least one hour if they are mostly sedentary. Even if they only walk in place during the commercials on the shows they watch, or walk to the bathroom and back, any movement is good. It’s not good for seniors to sit for more than an hour without some kind of movement. Seniors with 24 hour home care can have a care provider remind them to get up once an hour to walk around.


Stretching exercise like yoga can help seniors improve their circulation. Seniors should consider starting the day with a series of yoga poses designed to help wake the body up and get it moving after a long night of lying in bed. There are also yoga sequences that can be done before bed to get the blood moving without making it difficult to sleep. Restorative yoga at night can improve circulation and help seniors wind down for sleep.

Count Steps

Seniors who have never counted their steps should get a fitness tracker and start counting. It’s been shown that counting or tracking steps makes it much more likely that people will be more active. And the more active seniors are, the healthier they will be. Seniors only need to walk about 8,000 steps per day to get the benefits of walking. When seniors track their steps, they will work harder to get all those steps in.

Go For A Walk At Least Once A Day

The best thing seniors can do for their circulation is walk. Seniors should make it a habit to walk for at least half an hour each day. Walking around the block, or to the coffee shop, or to the park, will get seniors in great shape and dramatically improve their circulation and vein health. Walking also reduces stress and strengthens muscles. And it can help seniors lose weight if they need to lose weight. Walking is easy for most seniors, and requires nothing but a good pair of shoes. It’s the perfect exercise for seniors.

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