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Senior Safety: Summer Safety for Seniors

Senior Safety: Summer temperatures are hotter than ever, so it’s even more important to focus on summer safety for your senior.
Home Care in Ridgefield CT: Senior Safety
Home Care in Ridgefield CT: Senior Safety

Senior Safety: Summertime is about having fun outside and enjoying beautiful weather.

But when the weather is more dangerous than it is beautiful, as it is when temperatures climb super high, you and your senior need to pay special attention to following specific senior safety tips.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hotter temperatures mean that your senior loses more water from her body, via sweat and other biological processes that require water. Not everyone loves drinking plain water, though, so you might have to get creative. Find ways to make hydrating easy and fun for your senior so that she gets plenty of water during the day.

Schedule Strenuous Activities Wisely

Summer gardens are amazing for both the exercise benefits they offer as well as the tasty results, but gardening during the hottest part of the day is very unwise. Anything that’s going to cause your senior to exert herself is best done in the cooler parts of the day. So, earlier in the morning and later in the evening are her best bets.

Dress Appropriately for the Heat

What your senior wears matters, too. Lightly colored clothes made from light fabrics that let her skin breathe can help her to stay cooler. If she’s going to be outside at all, then a large hat that shades her upper body is very helpful. Long sleeves and pants, particularly when made from lightweight fabrics, can offer some protection from the sun as well.

Turn on or Consider Installing an Air Conditioner

Lots of people don’t have an air conditioner, but as the weather gets consistently hotter that might be something your senior wants to reconsider. Even a window unit could make a big deal in your senior’s comfort. Talk to her about what she’s willing to do about air conditioning in order to be cooler and more comfortable.

Bring in a Companion

Summer can be the perfect time to introduce assistance from home care providers to your senior. Home care providers can offer senior safety, companionship and they can also be on the lookout for signs of heat-related illnesses. This can offer you the reassurance that your senior is alright during the day and ensures that she has help, if and when she needs it.
Staying cool during the summer is primarily about comfort, but it’s also about avoiding heat-related illnesses. It’s also a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor about how heat can affect her existing health issues so that you’re aware.


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