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Milkshakes: Four Ways to Make a Healthy Vanilla Milkshake for Your Senior

Milkshakes are a fun way to have a treat with your senior. A great-tasting vanilla shake doesn’t have to be high in sugar or calories.
Elder Care in Redding CT: Milkshakes
Elder Care in Redding CT: Milkshakes

Milkshakes are a fun way to have an afternoon treat with your elderly family member.

The best part is that a great-tasting vanilla milkshake doesn’t have to be high in sugar or calories to be one that your senior loves.

Swap Out Milk for a Non-dairy Version

Milk and even ice cream can be irritating for some seniors, particularly if they’re lactose-intolerant. Swapping those out for non-dairy versions can be really helpful in making milkshakes healthier and less taxing on your senior’s system. Almond milk, coconut-based ice cream, and more can all be great choices.

Use Frozen Bananas Instead of Ice Cream

Another option instead of ice cream might be using frozen bananas. These can offer the same texture as ice cream, without adding a lot of extra sugar and calories. Bananas are a great source of potassium, which is an important nutrient if your elderly family member has high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems. Bananas are also high in vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Add Protein for a Nutritional Boost

One way to get more nutritional value into a milkshake for your senior is to add protein. You can do that with protein powder, but some of those have ingredients that you might want to avoid. Another option is to use Greek yogurt instead of or in addition to ice cream. You could also add cottage cheese. That might sound a bit odd, but when you’ve got everything all blended together, you won’t be able to tell cottage cheese is in the shake.

Milkshakes: Avoid Added Sugars

Something that you do need to look at is the sugar content of the ingredients you’re using. Choosing sugar-free options or whole foods, as is the case with bananas, can make a huge difference. That way you’re getting nutrients into your senior’s diet and she’s also enjoying a tasty treat. Milkshakes are meant to be fun and enjoyable, but they don’t have to be unhealthy, either.

Once you land on a great combination that your senior loves and that you are happy with nutritionally, make sure you write out the recipe. That way you’ll be able to recreate it for your senior and even better, other people like elder care providers can make a shake for your senior, too. That’s absolutely imperative, especially when you’re taking time away to recharge.


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