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What Senior Home Care Services Can Help You to Concentrate More On Your Own Self Care?

Senior Home Care in Brookfield CT: Senior Care Benefits
Senior Home Care in Brookfield CT: Senior Care Benefits

Around nine out of ten unpaid caregivers are caring for an aging relative, and 57% of those relatives are parents. Around 63% of older adults getting care from an unpaid caregiver are women, and the average age of a care recipient is 74. It’s not surprising that you’re the one offering your mom’s care, and it’s also not surprising that you’re still working at least part-time while also helping your mom.

You’re working, caring for children and home, and caring for your mom. But, are you also taking care of yourself? Many family caregivers put their own needs last and skip important aspects of self-care in the process. It’s time to look at the things you do for your mom and what you should be doing for yourself such as finding help like senior home care.


What Is Self-Care?

What does self-care entail? It’s a measure of caring for yourself to ensure your mental, emotional, and physical well-being isn’t ignored. It involves having time to exercise, eat a healthy diet, see your doctor, and socialize. It’s about having time off to goof off or relax at home.

Ideally, you need to go to work, help your mom, help your kids, and still have a few hours to talk to friends, spend time with a partner or spouse, and have time to yourself. If that’s not happening, it’s time to take steps to change it.

How Much Care Does Your Mom Need?

When you help your mom, what do you help her complete? Is some of that list the stuff you do because she simply doesn’t try or she’s scared of trying and failing? Have her try anyway. If there’s something she ends up doing on her own, the confidence boost may have her trying to do other things on her own, and that can help her remain independent longer.

It’s a good idea to write out a list and share that list with other family members. Store it online in a place where you can have others claim full days or select tasks during part of the days. If you ask, your brothers and sisters may be able to stop by one day a week and give you part of or all of a day off.

Even a day off can be enough to help you de-stress, take better care of yourself, and socialize with friends. If they can’t help out, you’ll know it’s time to talk to a senior home care specialist.

Learn More About Respite Care

It’s time to talk to a home care expert to learn more about respite care. Call a senior home care specialist and ask about respite care. Respite care is a service where a paid caregiver comes to your mom’s home, helps her while you’re away, and stays until you return. With respite care services, your mom’s not alone, and you’re able to take care of yourself.


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