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Six Eye Health Tips for Your Senior 

In-Home Care in Danbury CT: Senior Eye Health Tips
In-Home Care in Danbury CT: Senior Eye Health Tips

Your senior may be noticing a lot of changes to her vision health. What really matters is that you’re looking into all of the various ways that you, her in-home care provider, and she can work together to keep her eyes as healthy as they can be.



Avoid Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are a leading cause of blindness in people of all ages. For your senior, avoiding eye injuries is even more crucial. Your senior should wear protective eye gear whenever she’s using chemicals or sharp objects. And wearing sunglasses when she is outside is equally important in protecting your elderly family member from UV rays.


Use Screens Wisely

Smart screen use is another vital piece in the plan to protect your senior’s eyes. If your elderly family member is using screens a lot more often, taking frequent breaks and using proper lighting can help to protect her eyes. If your elderly family member is experiencing headaches during and after screen use, she may need to revamp her habits. Reminders to use screens safely from in-home care providers can be really helpful.


Get Other Health Issues Under Control

Other health issues, including diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses, can affect vision health as well. If your elderly family member’s existing health issues are not under good control, she may also be having issues with her vision. Work with her doctor and her eye doctor to ensure that your senior’s overall health helps to support healthy vision, too.


Help Her to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial for well-being, including general good health. When your elderly family member is having difficulty sleeping, that can make it much more difficult for your senior’s brain and body, including her eyes, to work properly. Working to improve sleep quality is a big job but taking your time and covering all the variables helps a lot. One place to start is with daily routines, and home care providers can help your senior to establish solid daily routines.


Explore Exercise Options

Exercise is another step in healthier living. If your senior’s doctor recommends that she start exercising, your senior needs to start looking for activities that help her to keep her body moving. Improving circulation in her entire body has big benefits for your senior’s eyesight, too. Moving a little bit is preferable to being completely sedentary.


Improve Her Diet

Diet alone isn’t going to keep your senior’s vision working properly. But the right mix of vitamins and nutrients helps to keep her entire body as healthy as possible, so it’s incredibly important to make sure that your senior’s eating habits are supporting her goals. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about whether she needs to change anything in her diet. If the practical aspects of meal preparation are getting difficult, in-home care providers can take over some of those tasks for your senior.

Keeping her eyes as healthy as possible helps your elderly family member to maintain her vision, but that also means she’s able to keep enjoying hobbies she loves.


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