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Senior Home Care: Do You Care For Yourself While Also Helping Your Dad?

Senior Home Care in Newtown CT: Caregiver Tips
Senior Home Care in Newtown CT: Caregiver Tips

Senior Home Care: Every day, you get up, cook your dad breakfast, make sure he takes his medications, help him shower and dress, and drop him off at adult daycare before heading to work.

It’s a busy schedule, and you rarely have time for things you enjoy. It’s essential for you to take care of yourself, too. Many family caregivers feel stressed while trying to balance work with the care their parents need. Almost 30 percent of unpaid caregivers have to take a leave of absence or switch from full-time to part-time hours to have more time to help out. Does that sound familiar?  Senior home care might be an option for you now.

Quitting a job or reducing hours may not be your best financial move. If you rely on your income to keep the bills paid, you’re putting your financial well-being at risk. If you lose your insurance when quitting a job, you deal with the fear of affording a doctor or dentist if something is wrong. If you can’t pay medical or dental bills, you’ll keep putting things off.

You have to care for yourself. Self-care is important. Ask yourself these questions to see if you’ve been ignoring yourself while caring for your dad.


When Did You Last See Your Friends?

When was the last time you had a night out with your friends? Has it been weeks, months, or years? Socialization benefits your physical and mental health. Make sure you visit friends regularly. If your friends have moved on, which does happen, it’s an excellent time to find ways to make new friends.


Have You Seen Your Doctor or Dentist Lately?

Twice a year, you should go for an oral health exam and teeth cleaning. While you may not think of gum disease as a factor in chronic health conditions, there are links between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

You should see your doctor once a year. Blood pressure checks, blood tests, and a quick physical exam are important at preventing health issues like stroke, anemia, and diabetes.

Senior Home Care: Do You Get Enough Sleep?

Often, when you help a parent with more intensive care needs, you sacrifice your own self-care. If you’ve been helping your dad after a stroke, you may go to bed late and get up early to have enough time to clean up, help him out, and make sure meals are prepared.

The lack of sleep will impact your physical and mental health. You need to make sure you’re getting seven or eight hours of sleep each night. If you struggle to find that much time in the day, it’s time to address the benefits of senior home care services.

Look into the respite care services available from a senior home care agency. Respite care has caregivers stop by your parents’ home to help out while you’re away. Take a vacation, recover from an illness, or have a day off with the help of a senior home care aide. Call to learn more.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Home Care in Newtown, CT, please contact the caring staff at Elderly Caregivers, LLC  today. (203) 628-7438




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