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Home Care Assistance: What’s Affecting Your Senior’s Sleep?

Home Care Assistance: Sleep
Home Care Assistance: Sleep

Home Care Assistance: Sleep is one of the most important tools in your senior’s arsenal for keeping herself as healthy as possible.

If she’s not sleeping well, you both need to work out why that is so you can put together a plan. Consider finding home care assistance at this time.


Pain is a huge problem in a lot of different ways for your senior. First, it’s uncomfortable. But even that might not be the full story. Chronic pain can ebb and flow for your senior, causing her to have trouble resting enough to even fall asleep. And medications that she takes to manage her pain may keep her awake.

-Medication Side Effects

Besides mediations for pain, there are other possible medication side effects to be concerned about. Your elderly family member may find that some medications, like blood pressure medications, may have side effects that cause her to wake up. Many blood pressure medications have a diuretic effect, which can cause her to need to get up multiple times at night.


Certain nutrients have a much bigger impact on your senior’s ability to sleep than she might think. Some, like serotonin or melatonin, are made in her body. Others, like magnesium, she needs to get from her diet. If your senior’s nutrition isn’t as good as it could be, that can be affecting her body’s ability to make or to use the chemicals it needs to function.


When your elderly family member isn’t exercising much, there’s a buildup of excess energy. She may not feel it as being more energetic, but her sleep can definitely be affected. Starting to do things like taking a walk after lunch, with her doctor’s agreement, can help her to get her blood flowing and tire her muscles out every day.


Stress, either from worry or from other issues, like loneliness, can cause big problems for your senior when it comes to sleep. Finding ways to help her to manage her stress is crucial. If her stress is related to anything like not being able to keep up with the tasks of life, then bringing in home care providers to help might be the best solution. Home care services can offer a wide range of assistance that can alleviate a lot of stress for your senior.

Having a full understanding of what’s impacting your senior’s sleep is so crucial for helping her to correct those problems. If you’re not sure, consider starting a sleep journal where your senior tracks what’s happening, or home care assistance can help you with this. That can help you to spot what’s going on.


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