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Older Americans Month: Gathering Ideas for Celebrating Older Americans Month

Older Americans Month celebrates the role adults play in communities and staying connected and gaining strength from the connections.
Senior Care in New Milford CT: Older Americans Month
Senior Care in New Milford CT: Older Americans Month

In 2021, Older Americans Month celebrates the role older adults play in communities.

The main focus is on staying connected and gaining strength from those connections. Celebrate Older Americans Month together as a family. Here are some of the best ways to gather together and celebrate with your parents.

Go on a Picnic

Plan a day where you can all meet at a local park or beach and have a picnic together. Everyone can bring a dish. With a potluck picnic, there is plenty of variety to choose from. It also prevents you from having to do all of the cooking.

Hold a Backyard Barbecue

Whoever has the largest backyard and best set-up for outdoor seating can host a backyard barbecue. Again, have everyone bring a dish to keep one family from needing to do most of the cooking. You can also all chip in money to help pay for any meats that are prepared.

If there are concerns over seating and table space, people can bring folding tables or picnic blankets. Camping chairs are also very portable and easy to bring with you.

Participate in a Virtual Game Night

If you can’t gather physically due to distance or until everyone in the family is vaccinated against COVID-19, consider a virtual game night. Find online group games, such as those offered at Game Night Out. Send out invitations so that people know when to go online and join the fun.

With virtual game nights, everyone is at their home, but you’re connected through video chats. There are drawing games like Pictionary, trivia games, and virtual escape rooms available. Find games that you know everyone will enjoy.

Book an Outdoor or Private Dining Area at a Favorite Restaurant

Everyone in your family, including your parents, wants to go out to eat. Get a count of how many plan to attend and call your parents’ favorite restaurant. See if there is a private room your family can reserve. If it’s outside, that helps lower the risk of spreading colds and other viruses, which is a better idea for larger gatherings.

How often are your parents alone and feeling lonely during the week? If you’re busy at work and have children at home, it’s hard to fit in regular visits with your mom and dad. Instead of leaving them alone all week, have you looked into senior care?

Senior care aides offer companionship services where they stop by, keep your parent’s company, and help them run errands or even to celebrate older Americans month. Pair that service with other helpful services like housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Care in New Milford, CT, please contact the caring staff at Elderly Caregivers, LLC  today. (203) 628-7438

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