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In-Home Care: What’s Involved in Assessing Your Senior’s Needs?

In-Home Care in Newtown CT: Senior Needs
In-Home Care in Newtown CT: Senior Needs

In-Home Care: Is it time for you and you’re senior to do a needs assessment for her?

If you haven’t done one before, these are just a few of the things you need to consider about what your senior may need. Talk to an In-Home Care Provider for any questions you may have.

Daily Chores and Activities

Over time, daily activities and chores like housework and laundry start to take longer and require more energy from your senior. Your elderly family member may stop doing some of these activities or she may keep trying to do them, wearing herself out more and more. Finding ways to assist with these chores can help to free up both energy and time for your senior.

Meals and Eating

Is your senior cooking meals for herself? If she’s relying on convenience foods or eating out a lot, that might not be the healthiest option for her. Often seniors are having more trouble with eating than their family members realize, and this can lead very quickly to malnourishment. 24-hour home care providers can ensure that your elderly family member is eating healthy meals on a regular basis.

Personal Care

Activities like getting dressed, bathing, and more are considered personal care tasks. If you’re noticing changes to how your senior is dressing or changes to her hygiene, she may be having more trouble with personal care tasks on her own. Having help from elder care providers can make a big difference in your senior’s overall health and how she feels.

Transportation and Mobility

Is it time for your senior to quit driving? This can be a tough subject for seniors because there’s a lot wrapped up in continuing to drive. Your senior’s overall mobility is also important to consider. Is she having trouble walking? Is getting around in general difficult for her?


In-Home Care: Overall Safety

How safe is your senior’s home? Making simple changes like installing handrails around the house can do so much to improve overall safety for your senior. It’s important to take frequent safety tours of your senior’s home so that you can stay on top of issues that need to be resolved.

In-Home Care: Isolation and Loneliness

Very often seniors are more isolated and lonelier than family members may realize. If your senior used to be socially engaged but isn’t as much now, there may be reasons. Digging deeper into those concerns can help. It’s also a good idea to consider 24-hour in-home care as a solution.

It’s vital to periodically consider all of these different facets of your senior’s life. As her circumstances change, you can make adjustments here and there to help preserve her quality of life.


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