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Control Chronic Pain and Improve Quality of Life

Senior Home Care in New Milford
Senior Home Care in New Milford

There’s no denying it: growing older frequently means experiencing more aches and pains. Instead of giving up and succumbing to the pain, there are everyday practices that may help you manage it and improve your quality of life. Some individuals become less active in response to pain. However, idleness may aggravate the discomfort and jeopardize your general health. Pain may also interfere with sleep, prevent seniors from spending time with family and friends, and contribute to sadness.

Here are some ways that you or senior home care can help your elderly loved one increase their quality of life, even with chronic pain.

Start With Meditation
Worrying about pain exacerbates it. Meditation or relaxation methods that quiet the nervous system have been found to reduce the effect of pain on the brain and seniors’ bodies, and boost the quality of life when done regularly. Visualization meditation, breath work meditation, and guided imagery are all mindfulness and meditation activities that may help with pain.

Continue to Move and Stay In Motion
Less physical exercise may feel better in the short term, but it could worsen discomfort and leave a senior more vulnerable to various health problems in the long run. The more a person sits, for example, the more pressure is placed on the cushioning discs between the bones in the back. Seniors should question their doctor about safe and beneficial physical activities for pain management.

Keep Staying Connected as a Senior
Meeting with friends and family is important, because pain may be isolating. Social activities may help seniors cope with pain by offering them more opportunities to interact with people, but also reduce the time they spend suffering in pain, and improve their quality of life. Staying connected is crucial for all seniors.

Stick to Healthy Foods and Diet Choices
When a senior stops moving around, they may also stop cooking fresh foods. This is something that senior home care may help with. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats are all part of a balanced diet. These meals provide you the energy you need to be active. They also help combat pain and inflammation, strengthen your immune system, and improve your capacity to recover after an injury.

Quit Smoking and Drinking
Nicotine temporarily alleviates pain, while exacerbating it later. It may intensify stomach and joint pain, as well as increase pain sensitivity. It also deprives the body of oxygen-rich blood for a senior’s bones, which may lead to disc degeneration in the spine. Alcohol and pain relievers should not mix. After all, pain relievers come with cautions to avoid drinking while taking them!

Focus on Rest and Relaxation
Short sleep durations, fragmented sleep, and poor sleep quality have all been linked to increased pain sensitivity, according to research. The good news is that getting enough sleep may help with chronic pain. Seniors who are having difficulty sleeping or believe they may have a sleep issue should see their doctor.

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