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Is Family Caregiving Impacting Your Work and Personal Life?

Companion Care at Home in Danbury
Companion Care at Home in Danbury

One out of five family caregivers reports feeling alone. Worse, just over half felt they didn’t have a choice regarding caring for an aging parent, friend, or relative. When caregivers also work, more than half adjust their work hours while 14% switch from full-time to part-time.

Is family caregiving impacting your work and personal life? It’s time to address what you can do to find a better balance.

Learn to Say No

Sometimes, the only way to take hold of your work and personal life is by learning to say no to others in your life. You have a full schedule for your children’s activities, personal life, and job. Your brother wants you to take care of his son this weekend while he and his wife go away for the weekend.

Unless he’s done the same for you, it’s okay to say you just can’t this time as you already have too much on your plate. Make sure he knows that you’re happy to help out but that you need more notice.

Schedule Your Days

Start by creating a schedule of what you have to do at work. Those are a priority, especially if you need a steady income to afford items like your car, house, and children’s necessities.

Once you have your work schedule jotted out, see where you can fit in time for the things you need to do for yourself. This includes activities like dinners out with friends, check-ups with your dentist and doctor, and time to relax at home.

How much time is left? These are the hours you could use to help your dad out. As you review your dad’s to-do list, see how much you could do in the time you have to spend with him. You likely don’t have enough time, and that’s where companion care services make a difference.

Focus on Your Job and Personal Life

Let someone else help your dad when you need time to focus on your personal life and career. You don’t have to avoid your dad altogether, but you should take time for your life as often as you need. Caregivers can fill in when you’re unavailable.

Companion care at home is a great arrangement when you don’t want your dad to be alone every day. A caregiver stops by and helps him with housework, errands, and meals. You have peace of mind knowing he’s aided where needed, and he enjoys having a companion around. Call a companion care at-home specialist to get started.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Companion Care at Home in Danbury, CT, please contact the caring staff at Elderly Caregivers LLC. today. (203) 628-7438


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